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"Draisin vision group has always been on the forefront of eye care with the most up to date equipment and testing. The staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Draisin knows his stuff!"

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Our office features online patient registration directly though our Patient Portal. Registering online can save you time when you arrive for your appointment, helping keep your visit to our office quick and efficient.

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We specialize in helping children perform at their peak ability at school and at home. This included help for those struggling with learning, as well as though hoping to excel at even higher levels. See the imporant information we have exclusively for educators.

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See our Public Service Video Library to learn more about the ways vision impact everything we do, as well as a wonderful College of Charleston profile of Dr. Draisin, 

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Why is there a lack of vision for children with ADHD when there is so...

If you are a parent whose child struggles to concentrate and read and the task of homework is a family battle, there can be an...

The selective application of de omnibus dubitandum

Attributed to Rene Descartes, the Latin phrase de omnibus dubitandum translates as “be doubtful of everything”.  You may recall that when the landmark CITT study...

The Eye As A Joint – Toward A Global View of Orbital Biomechanics – Part...

Part 1  introduced The Eye As A Joint, a concept which I began considering in earnest about 15 years ago.  My thinking on it was reinforced...

The Eye As A Joint: Toward A Global View of Orbital Biomechanics – Part 1

The eye is a specialized joint adapted for sight.  Its pivoting nature within the globe, as an eyeball in the orbit, renders it as a...

Hyperopia/ADHD: You Make The Call – Part 2

Two very good responses so far to the case in Part 1, both very reasonable approaches in light of the information I presented.  Dr. Dominick...

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The Draisin Vision Group is committed to excellence in customer service with regards to comprehensive eye and vision care. Our doctors and staff pledge to remain at the forefront of their profession through clinical education and practicing with the strictest of ethical standards. Choose excellence, see the difference!